Hot Off The Press: Loosefingers EP2

Loosefingers aka Larry Heard.Larry Heard’s classic “Loosefingers” EPs have been repressed.

Lucky for us, Alleviated (US) have been active of late – going through their back catalogue of Larry Heard’s material and making it available at a reasonable price.

Releasing three records under the guise, a decade on from it’s original release in 2004 – the “When Summer Comes” EP was the second to be released by the label.  The title track is a picture portrait expression of Heard at his soulful best; a 10 min excursion into silky soulful sounds, wrapped up in heartfelt blanket of instrumentation that few are able to equal. Coupled with two uptempo slices of stripped back acid, both of these jackers are far more reminiscent of his early club fare – the fluid drive of “Transmission X” tweaked to perfection and bold stance of “Acid Bounce” adding some extra punch – both of which make this a worthy addition to the collection.