HOT OFF THE PRESS: Lord of the Isles

Lord of the Isles launches a new imprint ‘Dusk Delay’ with a sparkling 5 track EP, Geoglyph

Scottish producer Neil McDonald aka ‘Lord of the Isles’, launches a brand new imprint ‘Dusk Delay’ with a sparkling 5 track EP, Geoglyph.

Inspired by the warmth and glow of long summer nights in the northern hemisphere, there’s no mistaking the vision McDonald sets out for things to come on his new label. Invoking his relationship to the raw and wild beauty of his native northerly lands (or anywhere of that latitude to be fair), he pays expert attention to the range of atmospheric pressure systems and depth of feelings that emerge from being fully immersed in these climes.

Having released an EP courtesy of ESP Institute a few months ago, McDonald ups the ante once again in this latest missive and demonstrates both finesse and expertise for fusing together a rich sonic tapestry, harvested from his collection of rare vintage machines, field recordings and range of effects: wrapped together using modern production techniques.

Weighing in at 39 minutes, Geoglyph opens with ‘J-Math’ – inviting you to contemplate the serenity of a brightly coloured dawn, painted through deep machine ambience, wavy sonic textures and the calls of nature that cut through the haze of spring filled air. Before rolling into the dusk tinged tones and dubbed out techno psychedelia of ‘Reduct’; invoking echoes of a junglist era that confound as much as it entices you into a trance. 

On the reverse, title track ‘Geoglyph’ gently swirls to and fro in warm ambient lushness, evoking the glisten of coastal waters lapping gently against the sands. Delving into the more complex edges of IDM, ‘Recall’ bubbles away with an early 90s’ aesthetic without ever pushing the envelope beyond its muted poise. Last but not least, the panoramic vista of ‘Edenfire’ closes out this terrific EP – once again encouraging us to admire the lush pastoral goodness of higher lands, mercifully free from biting beasties in this instance.