Innate playlist 015: The world of Transparent Sound

A deep dive through the catalogue of pioneering UK Electro outfit Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound are considered by many as the original dons of UK electro, so much so you can read an interview we published with them a few years ago. Whilst they’re not exactly a household name (yet), they’re an act with many under the radar classics. Once you dive into their catalogue, it might well end up costing you dearly on the Discogs front.

Originally formed in 1994 by Orson Bramley and Martin Brown in their home town of Bognor Regis, they are one of the longest running Electro outfits from the British Isles. Having grown up on Hip Hop, Electro, Visage and Cabaret Voltaire, they set about creating their own unique sound back in the mid 90s. Going on to amass quite a sizeable catalogue along the way, despite claiming to not know what they were doing, nor how their instruments work.

“I’ve always loved mistakes, it’s the hidden beauty in all art” – Andrew Weatherall

With Brown having left the duo due to ill health a few years ago, Orson has continued to front the project since. As well as co-running his own label Orson Records, he has been DJing for well over 25 years, cutting his teeth during the heady days of acid house’s first wave in 1987/88. Originally a fan of early Electro and Break Dancing scene, he was first turned on by the illicit electronic thunk and hypnotic groove of house and techno.

With Tresor Records recently announcing the release of a much anticipated compilation of their best work: Accidents 1994-2023. Bringing some much overdue recognition and kudos to their name, the compilation collects 13 of their most glorious accidents over a three-disc set. The package also comes with additional unreleased tracks and some special 2023 edits, along with six digital bonus tracks.

It’s quite likely that this lack of knowledge has somehow led to the quality and longevity of the
project. The thirst to experiment and tinker with machines until something pleasing appears somehow never ceases. As a slightly more-famous Orson (Welles) once put it – “the confidence of ignorance always overcomes”.

To celebrate the release of this much deserved anthology, we’ve taken a dive back through their entire catalogue to compile our next YouTube playlist:

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