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In the right hands, music and video can be a potent mix. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look around.

Granted, the amount of new material getting uploaded, beamed and streamed across the web on a daily basis is colossal. To put it this way, an attempt to keep up is not a job for the faint hearted and hopefully something we can train AI to help us with soon enough?

When it comes to spraying your attention across the likes of Youtube, Instagram, and Vimeo, (never mind Tiktok and Snap Chat), you can find yourself quickly overwhelmed by a sea of pulsating zeros and ones. With all the major players swimming in an ever rising tide of content, hustling to grab what’s left of your precious attention to try and reel you in.

From skimming the surface though, the one thing that does scream out is just how much great talent there is out there. The level of quality and creative effort directors and artists dedicate to their work is as intense and immense as it is inspiring.

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We’ve honed in on a fresh micro selection of new music and videos we think deserve at least some of your ear time and attention. Hopefully, making it a bit easier to get some inspiration of your own and enjoy the sounds on offer at the very least.

Nabihah Iqbal – Dreamer

Musician, producer, DJ and broadcaster Nabihah Iqbal celebrates the release her second album ‘Dreamer’ – furnishing us with another dewy eyed excursion into the ether of melancholic post-pop blues, shot through washes of electronica and dreamy vocals. All brought together in quite some style, she’s worked with director Zayan Agha to conjure up a breezy trip to her family homeland and the sights of Lahore, capturing the sights and energy replete with colourful explosion: resulting in a vibrant and captivating experience.

James Ellis Ford – I Never Wanted Anything

Renown record producer and songwriter James Ford, who made his mark as a member of Simian Mobile Disco and the Last Shadow Puppets along with a whole litany of production credits, releases his debut solo album Hum. Accompanied with this rather tasteful song ‘I Never Wanted Anything’, a wonky love song about trying to sidestep the daily forward motion. Drafting in the unrivalled talents of Trevor Jackson for art concept, direction, animation and FX – it’s resulted in a super stylish, minimalist focus on spray paint and colours. And yes, sometimes less is more.

Beau Wanzer – A Dead Person’s Monologue

*Viewer discretion advised (It’s not all nice and touchy feely)

Beau Wanzer rifles through his archive and grinds out a new LP, ‘A Dead Person’s Monologue’, laying down 8 excursions of patented asymmetric club klang. All deployed at off-beat angles and clad in an atmospheric sludge that he seems to excel at, if you’ve followed his string of solo and joint releases in groups such as Mutant Beat Dance, Frantic Express, Juzer and Streetwalker over the last decade. Most strongly influenced by the most raw and gritty bits of the 80s underground tape scene, the clue is most likely in the name here as Wanzer employs experimental horror video collective Wetboxx, to put forward their rather gruesome vision. Totally weird and somehow compelling, it’s one you won’t forget.

Jessy Lanza – Midnight Ontario

Jessy Lanza announces her new album ‘ Love Hallucination’ and hits us with this sterling open hearted song, Midnight Ontario’. A heartfelt ode that moves into R n B mode with skippy production touches and phrasing that nods to both the heads down sounds of Burial mixed with divaesque warblings. There’s a lot to like and something inherently catchy. The video is a gorgeous animation made by visual artist Infinite Vibes, who states: “I’m mostly trying to accentuate what I felt from the song, which has a beautiful, hazy atmosphere that’s sometimes strangely unsettling.” Based around a technique he’s been honing for a couple of years, it involves 3D animation and augmentation through AI.

Kassa Overall – Make My Way Back Home

A fresh signing to the WARP stable, Kassa Overall is a Grammy-nominated musician, emcee, singer, producer and drummer who revels in avant-garde experimentation fused with hip-hop production techniques. Who likes to tilt the nexus of jazz and rap in his own unmapped directions. Directed by UNCANNY and Pulse Films, the video is studio shot and gives a sleek stage to put the artist at front and centre. Moving from cut to cut, cleverly mixing up visions of the past with the present – there’s clear alchemy at work.