Reedale Rise – Sesuvium – Delsin

Cover artwork for Reedale Rise – Sesuvium - Delsin.

Reedale Rise finesses 4 slices of electro-inflected soul for his Delsin debut EP

When one of your favourite record labels announces they’ll be releasing a 12” from one of the UK’s finest purveyors of soul-inflected Electronica – you know you’re in for a treat.

There’s a rare quality to Reedale Rise aka Simon Keat‘s music that keeps you coming back for more, having consistently delivered sunkissed sounds for the likes of Frustrated Funk, 20:20, Kondi, Subwax, Ornate, Verdant and our very own Innate over the last decade.

With a 25+ year track record, Dutch powerhouse Delsin has amassed quite the impressive catalogue from a range of equally top drawer artists. Putting out high quality releases curated with a razor sharp focus on the emotive and exploratory side of futuristic music. It should come as no surprise then that Keat has served a veritable treat on his debut EP for them – ‘Sesuvium’.

Offering up 4 tracks of high-grade electro infused soul that centres on the themes of nature and space (as the track titles suggest). From the opening inspiriting melodies and rolling rimshots of ‘Littoral Zone’, or the angular balance of bass tones and pulsing arpeggios that cut the mix throughout ‘Globular’ – he masters the balance of rhythmic and tonal elements with a joyful ease. Leaving it to the expansive mode of ‘Driftwood’ to shift to a more lively demeanour as positively charged ions collide with intergalatic sonics and twinkle in all the right spaces, resulting in maximum joy. Ending on downtempo swirl of ‘Artemia’, you find yourself steeped in hazy morning light and the reflections of a drifting tide – summoning the restorative warmth of his vision of emotional content to restore calm, even in the craziest of times.