Hot off the press: Daisy Moon

Idle Hands 61 "Geometry of Curves" by Daisy Moon

Idle Hands celebrates 61 releases with “Geometry of Curves” by Daisy Moon

The wealth of talent bubbling under in Bristol’s electronic music scene never fails to capture the ear or the imagination. For such a relatively small city, scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a hive of activity across a spectrum of genres.

For the last decade, Idle Hands record shop owner and label boss Chris Farrell has been a key proponent in not only giving the city a hub for its electronic music community, he’s also offered a platform to those shaping the sounds for the next generation. To celebrate the label’s 61st release, the spotlight moves to the talents of Daisy Moon who makes her debut with this exquisite 4 track collection of ambient-tinged electronic-pop.

Having DJ’ed as part of Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy’s Housework crew, she’s also played a role in leading the city’s Women In Music workshops. Bringing a clear understanding where the dancefloor ends and chillout hours begin in her debut EP, title track ‘Geometry of Curves’ finds it place at the edge of the room. Bringing together a mix of lush melodics, softly rounded drums and vocal touches,  her sound owes as much to the prevalent local sound system culture as the influences of The Orb and William Orbit.  Followed by ‘Halcyon’, she leans further into the slower drawl of washed out trip hop – keeping an airy feel that is distinctive and equally fresh.

Hit the flipside to uncover the slightly more claustrophobic ‘Anemone’ where Moon continues to play things down, adding accented percussion and psychedelic effects amongst a wash of whispering vocals.  Last but not least, ‘Chambers’ squares back to put her spin to early 90s ambient: balancing fluffy pads with rugged bass that makes this whole EP really shine.