Few and Far Between serve up their third release ‘Comatose’

Bristol based Electronic music imprint Few and Far Between serve up their third release with a trio of sumptuous sounds: giving a daring debut in the shape of ‘Comatose’ from an equally mysterious local Producer/DJ who goes under the name of FKA Boursin.

Previously known as DJ Boursin (pronounced bore-san) – not to be confused with the garlic French cheese roulade – label owners Sam Hall and Ongo Gablogian have bide their time with their release schedule, but you can’t really argue with this latest offering. Over 29 minutes, the 3 versions of ‘Comatose’ dive deep into the realm of soft tones best suited to early morning hours, as the air fills with hazy dew and the dawn creeps in.

Originally conceived in 2016, Comatose explores themes of the inadequacies of dance floors as a vessel for political messaging. With club spaces being relegated to places of escapism – reinforced by mainstream political discourse focused on liberal drug use – the music reflects how dance floors are seldom places of engagement, rather focal points for hedonism, energy and euphoria.

The title of the EP is a subtle reference to Comatonse, the label run by Terre Thaemlitz (aka Dj Sprinkles). And the dreamily dipped production style certainly pays homage to Thaemlitz’s long-form, patiently evolving, yet deeply thought activating tracks made under her Sprinkles’ moniker. The total sum of ‘Comatose’ is a gentle nudge in that direction: the Original mix meandering to and fro amongst fluttering organic textures as touches of guitar, piano and flute breath life. As a long slow build opens up to angelic vocals and aching chords, invoking tender emotions as the beats roll on. The Cold Turkey mix by contrast has a more raw, rolling feel as the use of subtle rolling drums and dubbed out influences are placed to great effect. Last but not least, the Dead Dancefloor mix veers further into ambient territory and completes a perfect circle.