Scoping the sounds of J.S.Zeiter’s mysterious imprint

Diving into the sounds of the much prized “JS” imprint

As low key electronic music producers go, J.S.Zeiter is one of those operators who lives as far away from the limelight as you can possibly get. Up until more recent times, he had only ever released a handful of elegant deep and dubwise Techno 12s since first appearing in the mid 90s: opting for perfection in his sound and making ‘quality over quantity’ his musical mantra.

Whilst little is known about Zeiter himself, other than he hails from Manchester. In each and every release you find in his catalogue, there’s a hallmark of purist quality that strikes a chord with dedicated listeners and dancers alike. His trademark seeks out a balance that sits somewhere between the cavernous ambience of Basic Channel and the clean precision soundly architecture of Convextion, culminating in a set of works that is nothing short of brilliant.

The portion of his catalogue that’s garnered the most mystique and attention amongst enthusiasts (whilst also exchanging for pretty sums online) is his initial string of untitled EPs via his own imprint: simply titled ‘JS’. Whilst these initial records have yet to be repressed, Zeiter did opt for a CD of collected works back in 2012, marking the first time any of his tracks we’re available on a format other than vinyl.

Since those days, we’re pleased to say you can find all of his back catalogue via his MCMLXV Bandcamp page. Given the dynamic essence of his early music and return to the studio in more recent times, we wanted to shine a light on those initial records that quite rightly garnered him the respect that’s only starting to be fully appreciated now. A master of his medium, there’s something to be said for making and shaping things in a way that is true to you and the artform you truly cherish.

Enjoy our selection of ‘JS’ releases