Sansibar – Targeted Individuals – Darknet

Album cover: Sansibar – Targeted Individuals – Darknet

Finnish electro emissary Sansibar (Sunny Seppä) makes his debut LP “Targeted Individuals” available on vinyl

Originally released as a 12 track LP via Berlin based FTP in September 2019, Finnish electro emissary Sunny Seppä has certainly caught the ears and imagination of machine music fans with his debut LP “Targeted Individuals” under his Sansibar alias.

After a run of EPs for labels such as Natural Sciences, WARNING, Emotsiya and Vaseline, the excellent form continues unabated as the album is now available on vinyl: much to the delight of his friends and followers. In physical format, “Targeted individuals” is an 8 track journey full of surprise that rides the line between tense moods and pensive relaxation, summoning the precision swagger of Detroit in Effect (who Seppä fully credits as a big influence) whilst injecting a whole otherworldly gaze that brings into sight the sonic shimmer of E.R.P, 214, Der Zyklus, Versalife and more. All woven together through classic off-kilter melodies, angular phunk and crisp programmatic beats, Seppä’s futuristic vision expands well beyond into its own orbit: each and every track packed full of fervour as it is contemplative in its composition.

Kicking off with the tight opening pop of ‘Liquid Programming’, fluid bass tones find their space amongst floating chords and hypnotic vocal samples, courtesy of Detroit electro legend Erik Travis, that slowly drift their way into your consciousness. The sinister tone and urgent loops of “Technology” give little time for rest, before the foreboding hustle of “My Mind” etches itself a little deeper with a razor sharp precision. Only to be swayed back to a different groove through the sonorous bleeps of “Meri”, this slow builder rounds down through the softer borders of synthesis in Seppa’s palette. Diving straight back into the matrix, “4DIGITGHOST” squarely embraces a robotic feel without falling into any kind of regular line, whereas the creepy atmosphere of “Kaista” induces more unease as you find yourself moving to sharp ended bass quakes and emotive swell. Not forgetting his roots, the delicious sway of Kraftwerk appears most openly in “Body Rock” before rounding off with the icy air and bubbling bottom end of “Noche”.

Impressive as it is ear catching, “Targeted Individuals” short but sweet mantra presses all the right buttons whilst straddling a shifty and paranoid air about it, harking back to some degree to the early output of Warp but without ever overstepping its mark. Pressed loud for maximum impact, there’s a lot to admire in the work of this Helsinki producer – top drawer electro that bears all the hallmarks of a future classic LP.