HOT OFF THE PRESS: We’re Going Deep 001

We're going deep 001 artwork.

Placid aka Paul Wise launches his ‘We’re Going Deep’ imprint

‘We’re Going Deep’ is a new label run by an old head – Paul Wise aka Placid. Born out of a lifelong affair with the many shades of deep electronic rhythms and a thirst for collecting records since he first caught the bug in 1988. His reputation as an ever on-point selector and collector of all things underground has long preceded him.

A resident with the likes of ‘I Love Acid’ and the now legendary Underscore parties, Paul founded the hugely popular ‘We’re Going Deep’ group back in 2015 to promote his radio show. Little did he know it would soon become home to an ever growing community (15,000+ members) and space for music minded people to discuss, listen and share their passion for Acid, Electro, Techno, Deep House, Electronica and even the odd foray into Ambient territory. Fast forward 5 years and he’s now taken the plunge into running a label. Rather than staying too hung up on the past, the mission is pretty simple: to release infectiously good new music for the dance floor, your front room or even just your headphones.

Kicking things off in style, Volume 1 is a four track EP made by four equally brilliant artists. First up, a legend in the 303 business, Tin Man drops an up-front 303 workout in the form of ‘Jerkin Acid’, taking a large slice of ‘88 influence and delivering a jam that’s packed full of panache and undulating acid-house bump. Next up, Derek Carr brings his own unique sound of warm Detroit influenced techno, replete with catchy hooks that draw you in fully to the deep ended shuffle of ‘The Highlander’. Most definitely one of those hooks that’ll stick in your head for weeks.

On the flipside, close friend and fellow TB-303 enthusiast Posthuman delves deep into his box of tricks. Keeping the acid tweaks to the bare minimum, his contribution aptly titled ‘Going Deep’provides an epic slice of melancholia – led by beautiful chords that turn on their charms. Last but not least, Dircsen slows everything right down and takes us on a journey into pure bliss in ‘Last Spare’, a graceful twist on the sound that’ll delight newcomers and old heads alike with its thoughtful poise.