Hit the flip: B-Sides of records (Part 11)

Untitled b side

B-Sides of records – searching through forgotten sounds

From the moment this blog was started, it’s always been our mission to champion fresh sources of untapped sounds, and shine a light onto overlooked pieces of music.

In particular, tracks which appear on the B-Sides of records have always had a certain appeal – it’s all too easy overlook an inside cut, bonus mix: not least because lesser heard pieces of music are also easily forgotten about. However, this is often where the fun begins.

In some cases, there’s every chance you can stumble on a piece of work that might have just as much value as its A-Sided counterpart, sometimes even more. There’s two sides to every story, so keep on looking and listening, what’s the worst that can happen?

Have a mosey through our latest finds:

Glen and Dave – La La Always Stay (B-Side to Harry J. All Stars ‎– Liquidator)

Bauhaus – Boys (B-Side to Bela Lugosi’s Dead)

Nomad – Sang-Froid (B-Side to Devotion)

Cerrone – Black is Black (B-Side to Love in C Minor)

Mr. Oizo – Sick Dog Try To Speak (B-Side to Flat Beat)