B-Sides (Part 5): Forgotten gems, a lost art?

B Sides of Records

Digging amongst forgotten areas: B-Sides

When you get side-tracked by the main event, it’s all too easy to miss what’s going on around you. A bit like uncovering the flipside of a record: it’s all too easy to overlook what lies underneath that big track, you can’t quite forget the lyrics to.

We’re on a small mission to delve a little deeper into a whole new source of interesting sounds, to bring to light and champion those lesser heard pieces of music that even the musicians themselves might have given up on.

Browse through this fresh selection of six and see what you find:

De La Soul – Afro Connections at a Hi 5 (B-Side To Ring Ring Ring)


Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo (B-Side to Computer Game)

Jamie Principle – Bad Boy (B-Side to Cold World)

Rinder & Lewis – Love Potion #9 (B-Side to Willie and The Hand Jive)

Eurythmics – I Did It Just The Same (B-Side to Sex Crime 1984)

Adam F – Burning Deep (B-Side to Circles)