Digging a little deeper: B-Sides of records (Part 7)

B Sides of Records

Life on the B-Side

Since getting off the ground and onto the web in 2014, we’ve made it our mission at Innate to champion a whole new source of untapped sounds and try to shed light on forgotten music, namely tracks which appear on B-Sides of records.

As is all too often the case, lesser heard pieces of music are easily forgotten about – even by the musicians themselves. To continue our short but sweet selective series, we’ve been on the hunt for forgotten flipsides that seem to have gained a certain appeal that was all too easily overlooked on the first press.

Take a flick through this latest selection of six and see what you find:

Björk – Sweet Sweet Intuition (B-Side to It’s Oh So Quiet)

Roxy Music – Sultanesque (B-side to Love is the drug)

Daft Punk – Assault (B-Side to New Wave)

Liquid Liquid ‎– Scraper (B-Side to Optimo)

High Contrast – St Ives (B-Side to Racing Green)

Aphex Twin ‎– Nannou (B Side to Windowlicker)