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Image taken from Madlib's Loose Goose video

A selection of new music and videos

The amount of new music videos that get uploaded and then beamed across the internet on a daily basis is vast. Like an ever growing pulsating hive of zeros and ones – Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo Tiktok, Snap Chat are all hustling to grab what’s left of your precious attention and reel you in.

The moment you dip your toes in and start to browse in an effort to try and keep on top, it becomes apparent quite quickly that you’re fighting a losing battle (not to mention giving yourself a migraine in the process).

From skimming the surface though, the one thing that does stand out is just how much talent there is out there. The level of quality and creative effort directors and artists put in to their work is as immense as it’s ever been… (even if there is so much to see).

Once again, we’ve honed in on a small selection of new music video based creations for musicians that we think deserve at least some of your time. Hopefully, you’ll find it a little easier to get some visual inspiration of your own, and at the very least – enjoy some of the fun.

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Chet Faker – Feel Good

Picture this: a man is lost in the desert and finds a tape that takes him on a fun skating trip.

This devastatingly simple idea is brought to life by Nick Murphy (aka Chet Faker) himself, resulting in a video for “Feel Good” that’s warm and fuzzy with additional animation from Daniel Barreto. Using motion tracking to follow Murphy’s body, the overlay explodes plenty of positive energy, whilst the use of rotoscope effects adds a unique and colourful thread that’s on par with travelling into hyperspace.

Madlib – Loose Goose

Directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa and produced by Sean Gordon-Loebl, the duo knit together an intriguing mix of grainy visuals on “Loose Goose”: a fitting display for beat alchemist Madlib that seemingly narrates human experience in our all too familiar urban environment.

Modeselektor – Dating is in China feat. Catnapp

The mighty Modeselektor return with this new slice of Pop meets Techno, striking a satisfyingly surreal tone in the process. Directed Maximilian Villwock, “Dating is in China” was shot in Ukraine, capturing 3 men and a boy performing gymnastics on a high-rise building site.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Becoming Ferromagnetic

Focusing on a dreamy dance piece, set to the last piece from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s The Mosaic of Transformation sessions. Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Chantal Anderson collaborates with dancer Charles Roy Jr, turning “Becoming Ferromagnetic” into an ode to the electric potential of the body.

Not Waving – Hold On feat. Marie Davidson

Set to music by Not Waving and spoken word provided by Marie Davidson, “Hold On” follows a triangle between three friends as they take a road trip before things get complicated. A simple, yet perfectly naive story about adolescence and friendship that’s beautifully shot and edited by London-based director Angelo Cerisara.