A Video Mystery


The Aliens are coming… The Enigma Code lives on… Is it a Treasure Hunt… Art Hoax… or merely a bot scam?

What or whoever has been uploading a rather sizeable collection of mystery videos to youtube has certainly been busy.

Publishing over 70,000 videos to youtube is no mean feat by anyone’s standards, the rather mysterious Webdriver Torso has certainly been making waves this week with their weirdly wonderful creations. Whatever their meaning, they’ve been appearing on the web for quite sometime now.

Comprising of high-pitch bleeps, red, white and blue coloured rectangles – spliced together for around 10-12 seconds: the series has so far been causing theorists far and wide to speculate. If you enjoy the sights, sounds and ethos of Raster Noton, there’ll be little cause for alarm at any rate – in fact you might find it all a little pass√©.