DJ Guy – 1993/1994 Unreleased Tracks – La Beaute Du Negatif

More gems from the vault of DJ Guy

South Wales (UK) producer and DJ Guy Evans, better known as DJ Guy, seems to keep on unearthing gem after gem from his vault of unreleased productions, all of which date back to material which he wrote over 20 years ago in the early to mid 1990s.

With a small but compact set up, he spent years recording and jamming down ideas with little other thought than inducing purist machine pleasure. Fast forward to 2014 and his material finally started to see the light of day, after uploading his work to Soundcloud. Since then, he has steadily been furnishing us with some serious treats of the ambient acid electronica variety – referencing the likes of Aphex Twin, Black Dog and Autechre, fused with his own steal edged sensitivity that sets his work miles apart from throwback sound-alikes. This latest set of four for, picked out by French label “La Beaute Du Negatif” comes courtesy of yet another DAT tape containing previously unheard items, jammed down and recorded in 1993 and 1994.

‘Whale Song’ harks back to an earlier age where large slices of ambience resonated blissfully through the speakers of clubland’s second room spaces.  Blessed with intertwining melodic twinkles and junglist new age sound effects, you certainly feel the warmth resonating through.  The expansive notes of ‘SXII90 Tape (Side A) Trk 1’ compliment perfectly with a fuzzy chunk of electronica that ushers you into a more contemplative zone.

Flip to the other side and you are met with a wall of throbbing bass as ‘BX90 (Side 1) Trk 2’ as it hits you cleanly with a percussive barrage, overlaid with moody chords and trippy effects. Last but not least, the fluttering minor keys of ‘BASF Ferro Extra Tape (Side B) Trk 4’ hang loose as tribally percussion brings this wayward affair to life.

Killer contrasts across this EP, definitely one you will cherish.