Pleasures from Planet E

Planet E - Logo

The brainchild of DJ/Producer Carl Craig, Planet E is an independent electronic music label that launched in 1991 in Detroit, Michigan

Evolving from Craig’s desire to have creative independence from the major label industry, it rose to become a hugely respected platform for some truly ground-breaking music. As a creative force, Craig has always sought to scale the curious scares of both sound and space – establishing himself as a vibrant focus within the musical community of Detroit.

Having played host and home to many exceptional talents over the past couple of decades, the sound has continued to shift over the years. However, what you can say with an unerring certainty is that he has left behind a rather tasty legacy that explores boundaries of electronic music that always sought to go beyond and recreate something both beautiful and new.

Digging a little deeper into the label’s catalogue, here are a few highlights that we think you’ll agree more than fit the bill and serve a timely reminder that Craig’s musical legacy has both a length and depth that few can equal:

Florence – Touch of Heaven

The Connection Machine – Mind Design

Clark – Christo

Fusion – Block Out The World

Psyche – Elements

Carl Craig – As Time Goes By