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Annie Errez – Record shops


Annie Errez

Leeds’ finest resident and Mosaic artist Annie Errez shares her favourite shopping spots…

Tribe Records, Leeds

I’m so happy Tribe has reopened. I live in Leeds and before it closed a few years ago, I used to spend most Saturdays and most of my wages here. Now located on Kirkgate, which is a newly thriving independent area of the city, the shop stocks a wide range of music from house and techno to dub and dancehall, so there’s something for everyone. I’ve just been in today actually and again remarked to Alex who works there that I never usually come across the records I buy there when I’m browsing online or in any other shops. He puts that down to the fact that they “just stock records that they would want to play themselves”. Simple really! If you visit Leeds then this one is a must.

Vinyl Pimp, London

I think all of the stock is second hand and you can get most of it on Discogs through their online shop. However I like to go in if I can, so last time I was in London I managed to squeeze in a visit and picked up loads of old classics from the likes of Eddie Richards, Nail, Junior Boy’s Own and Immigrant Records that had been on my “want list” for a while. I buy a lot of second hand records online but it’s great when you can check out the condition of the records there and then. The staff are also very friendly and helpful.

Dorma 21, Copenhagen

Copenhagen is well cool isn’t it, and so is this record shop. Not only do they carry a great selection of new and old releases of the minimal, techno, house and acid, but the shop also looks great. You can quite easily pass a lot of time here.

Vinyl Underground, Northampton

I’ve never visited the shop unfortunately but I do use the website. This one is great for stocking just pure quality records, some of which you might not find easily elsewhere and as a result it has a great reputation and is widely respected. I love how the website is simple and uncluttered without loads of genres to wade through.

Eastern Bloc Records, Manchester

Again whenever I’m in Manchester I always try to visit Eastern Bloc, there are a few great record shops in Manchester but I always seem to prefer this one. The shop itself is quite small but it’s particularly good for techno and electronica and those odd-ball records that you just want for your collection. They also have a nice cafe. Coffee and tunes, perfect.