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Johanna Knutsson - Meal experiences

Johanna Knutsson

The first lady of Swedish Techno and full-time vegan Johanna Knutsson shares her favourite places to eat…

Lücks, Sonntagsstrasse 26 Berlin

Kate Miller took me here after we had our last-of-2017 radio show together. The restaurant doesn’t look like anything special from the outside, but the food was amazing! I had a mushroom stew with cashew-cream base, so damn smooth. Great end of a great night together with one of my favorite persons in the world.

DS Restaurant, Jan van Breemenstraat 3, Amsterdam

This was my most amazing pre-gig meal I’ve ever had!  Usually it’s a struggle to find good vegan food in new cities unless the promoter is vegan too, but this made my taste buds giggle of joy. 5 courses of pure happiness

Växthuset Under Bron,Hammarby Slussväg 2, Stockholm

Ok, I might have lied, DS and Växthuset share the best “pre-gig meal” spot actually. Same thing here, all vegan, and small but many courses challenging your every sense.

Viasko.Erkelenzdamm 49,Berlin

I’ve been here many times for their magnificent sunday brunch, but this one time in March was extra special. You have to reserve a table but we hadn’t, so we cut the line (which I never do but I was hungry). We were the last two people in before the place got full! The shame of cutting the line was a great taste enhancer, never had a better brunch in my life.

1990 vegan living, Krossener Str. 19, Berlin

My 10 year older brother came to visit me in Berlin for the first time ever in 9 years, and the first thing we did was to go here. I was so happy to have him here, he was so happy to be here and the food was perfect and very celebratory. I will always remember that night to be really special.