Top 5 Things of 2017

Funk D'Void (Soma) - Greggs Pasties


Lars Sandberg


Lars Sandberg extols the virtues of Greggs: the first place he visits every time he’s back in  the UK…

5) Cheese & Bacon Wrap

This classic two-taste combo mixed with pastry is to die for. Needs to be hot though as the cheese hardens quickly if left on the shelf too long.

4) Sausage, Bean & Cheese Melt

I never tire of baked beans (still eat about a can a day) and the same can be said for sausage so this usually ends up on my regular order, not my first pick though.

3) Steak Bake

The combo of gravy and pastry is a no-brainer, you have to watch though if you’re eating in the street as the sauce can squelch out onto your jacket.

2) Sausage Roll

Can’t beat a classic, the meat has a perfect consistency and tastes pretty damn good with a light peppery aftertaste, I can usually manage a couple if it’s a mixed order.

1) Cheese & Onion pasty

Used to wolf down 4 of these every lunchtime when I worked next to a Greggs bakery in Glasgow. WINNER.