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Mark Archer (ALTERN8) - Nights and Promoters


Mark Archer

UK Rave legend Mark Archer gives us the lowdown (in no particular order) of his favourite nights and promoters…

Acid Experiment (Birmingham)

From the first time I played for these guys I knew it was a special party. They have a very musically open minded crowd who want something different to the latest trends and the nights are always held in old warehouses turned club spaces in Digbeth – ones to watch for 2018

Techno and Cans (Dublin)

Dublin is pretty much a safe bet for an off the hook night, but these guys have a crowd that know how to party, always a brilliant atmosphere.


If it’s one of the bangface nights or the Weekender you’re guaranteed an insane (and I mean insane) time. Pretty much always in the harder side of things but luckily the crowd love acid and oldskool.

Field Maneuvers (somewhere north of London)

I’ve managed to play for the guys at every single Field Maneuvers and it’s just got better and better with each year. Super intimate festival with a great crowd and the promoters like to keep the line ups nicely eclectic without going all hey nonny no on it.

Rejuvenation (Leeds)

The best oldskool night / promoter in Leeds with a night that really captures the feel from back in the day with an electric atmosphere, a crowd in the know and queues round the block – proper!