Top 5 Things of 2017

Matt Anniss - Frequently heard DJ proclamations


Matt Anniss

Journalist and raconteur Matt Anniss uncovers some of the mystery behind the whispers in the DJ booth …

5) “This year I’ve really been digging [Insert name of sub-genre of dance music here].”

Translation: At last I have a chance to showcase my long-hidden love of trance without being laughed at by 22 year-olds.

4) “I can’t believe Jeremy Underground asked for a hotel with a Sauna!”

Translation: Why didn’t I think of putting that in my rider?

3) “I’ve had this record for years.”

Translation: I saw it pop up in a DJ Harvey/Ben UFO/Helena Hauff/DJ Sotofett/Young Marco/Paris Hilton (delete as appropriate) set list and bought it last week for 10 times its’ value on Discogs.

2) “I’ve always been a fan of rotary mixers.”

Translation: I want to keep up with the cool kids. My £2,000 rotary sounds amazing with the hi-fi mini-system I bought as a teenager and never replaced.

1) “I think of myself as a selector.”

Translation: I’ve been to Red Light Records, spent £500 quid on records that Tako and Abel play, and am angling for a gig at Spiritland.