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Dean Muhsin (Dispersion) - Top cities to be hungover in

Dean Muhsin

Diversion PR boss Dean Muhsin tells us more about his grumpy face time …


Obvious really but let me go into detail for the novice hangover enthusiasts. Firstly, Amsterdam central is pretty small so you can walk anywhere relatively quickly – helping to balance out the need for fresh air against the need to get somewhere ‘safe’ fucking quickly. Secondly, there are some great places to have breakfast and ample Bloody Marys should you be so inclined (and you should). Finally, you can always take the edge off with a trip to a coffeeshop – there are many that aren’t full of tourist twats if you look outside the obvious areas, just don’t whitey and look like a bell end.


It’s where I live ergo the closest to my bed, enough said.


I had an earth shattering effort in Bilbao at the beginning on this year. Proper existential doubt inducing stuff. A quick trip to the Guggenheim prompted a not insubstantial bout of vomiting after staring at Jackson Pollock for too long. Cap that off with the sort of local cider (cidre) that’d have a Cornishman soil in his crackers and you’re golden.

Please drink sensibly